Kudos to the locals of hamlets in the desert of Daruda

Daruda hamlet

Here we are, talking about big terms like sustainability and reducing consumerism and trying to achieve ecological balance! We sit in air-conditioned rooms, surrounded by countless electronic gadgets, sipping ice cold or hot drinks and brain storm about sustainability measures! And we feel important and great about it all. Sometime back, we visited a small hamlet called `Daruda’, located in the Thar Desert region of west Rajasthan. A lot of our artisans are inhabited there. Locals there live in small thatch huts, with absolutely no electricity … [Read more...]

SETU celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women's Day_website

Workshop on ‘Role of women in development’ Venue: Barmer, Rajasthan (March 8, 2013) Women are the sustaining force behind development, be it of their family, or society or their nation. But many women, especially in the marginalized societies, do not realize their importance and under- estimate their contribution. Lack of education, lack of confidence, male dominance, social stigma & pressures force them to lead a life dependency & submission. SETU strives for women empowerment & so to address these issues, SETU organized a … [Read more...]

Craft Workshop at Very Special Arts

VSA Workshop

Inclusion through Arts Venue: Very Special Arts India, New Delhi Date: December 3, 2012 December 3rd is observed world wide as the `International Day of People with Disabilities’. To observe the occasion, SETU in association with `Eco-Friendly Papers’, Jaipur, organized a Workshop on craft learning at `Very Special Arts India’ (VSAI). As the name suggests, Eco-Friendly Papers create a complete range of beautiful, handmade, tree-free paper products. VSAI is one of SETU’s partner artisans working with the disabled and underprivileged … [Read more...]

Celebrating Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children's Day website1

Venue: Apna Ghar Orphanage, Jaipur Date: November 20, 2012 SETU realizes the worth of a million dollar smile on the face of an orphan child. To celebrate the Universal Children’s Day, SETU organized a one day program at the orphanage- `APNA GHAR’, involving around 54 girls and boys, aged 6 to 16 years. These children are normally shy, inhibited and lack social interaction skills. But being children, as all children normally are, they are very creative and definitely love to open up to creative, playful activities. And so, we organized … [Read more...]

Inspiring Young Minds To Fair Trade

IICD Workshop 2

Venue: Indian Institute of Craft and Design (IICD), Jaipur, Rajasthan (October 19, 2012) October is the Fair Trade month and is celebrated by Fair Traders all over the world! SETU, in association with Fair Trade Form- India, conducted a one day workshop for the students of Indian Institute of Craft and Design (IICD) at their campus in Jaipur. The workshop was organized as part of the Campus Outreach Program to introduce the future craft designers & entrepreneurs to the movement of Fair Trade. IICD is one of the leading institutes … [Read more...]

Million Litre Water Saving Project

Inaugration of water treatment plant

Environmental Sustainability Initiative taken by SETU ( August 28, 2012) We are associated with artisans engaged in hand block printing of cotton fabric, especially in the desert areas of Rajasthan. This is their traditional art followed from generations and is their main source for livelihood. During printing of the fabric, ample quantity of water is being used & wasted depending upon the volumes. ( 5 ~20 million liters/ annum). This is a wastage of precious natural resources, especially  in desert area, where clean water is accessible … [Read more...]

Ensuring Healthy Work Place For Jewelry Making Artisans


SETU works with many jewelry making artisans, working with sustainable materials like metals, wood, glass, natural seeds, bone, tree resins etc. A large no. of items go through electroplating process. Electroplating is quick and easy process for imparting illuminating fine finish to jewelry. This process can however release acid fumes and may be harmful to artisans if not taken care of. During prior visits to the artisan community, SETU along with the artisans discussed and analyzed any health concerns. After several meetings together and … [Read more...]

World AIDS Day

“Prevention is better than cure” holds true for AIDS. AIDS is an issue to which we can no more turn our backs! Since 1995, December 1 is celebrated every year as World AIDS day. In the past few years, things have significantly changed for AIDS..Awareness on this incurable disease has increased manifold. It is now a discussable subject, especially in a country like India where earlier a mere mention of it would have raised eyebrows. Also people know what causes it and what are the preventive measures one can take. Now, parents try to discuss … [Read more...]

Artisan development

Month of October is somewhat special simply because October is Fair Trade month!! Running a Fair Trade organization since past few years has been a journey full of ups and downs. Having spent considerable time in this field, I know the challenges and sufferings of artisans in India and am continuously endeavoring to make a difference in their lives by making them self-sustainable and following Fair Trade practices. I now feel that I am finally doing justice to the purpose of my existence on this earth. Life has become much more meaningful. … [Read more...]

Women Empowerment – true instances!!

Recently I visited one of our artisan groups in the rural taluks of Karnataka. Its an all women’s organization dedicated to the empowerment of women and children. Most of the artisans are widows, destitutes, tribals, physically Challenged girls and economically backward women. The main aim of the visit was to conduct a technical workshop and interact with our women artisans, to know more about them. After the workshop on `Trend & color forecast for next seasons’, I visited `Hittanalli’, a remote village in Karnataka. Hittanalli is a … [Read more...]

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