Sponsoring machinery for increasing productivity of bone artisans.. Infrastructural support for artisans..


In a bid to improve their skill sets and productivity, SETU is always committed to support the artisans in every possible way. For this, we also conduct workshops and sponsor machinery items as and when required. Our bone artisan group is engaged in making rare and beautiful jewelry & other artifacts' from bones. In the past, the group was facing a pollution problem at the workplace in which a lot of bone dust was emitted while making the produce, which could cause health issues . We installed pollution control system at the workplace … [Read more...]

Raising awareness about menstrual hygiene for women… A SETU initiative for the women artisans of Sanjay Nagar slum area..

Sanjay Nagar Awareness Workshop

Menstruation is a very important & inevitable part of women's life. Proper information and good hygiene practices are necessary during this period to avoid serious ailments affecting the body. There are many myths associated with the sensitive issue in our country. Women, specifically from rural areas and economically weaker sections of the society are not aware about the importance of hygiene during the monthly cycle due to lack of education. To raise awareness on the topic, a workshop was conducted by SETU on 10th of August at our … [Read more...]

Distribution of sanitary napkins to the Crotchet Lace Women Artisans..

Crochet lace artisans

The Godavari Delta women lace artisan group is based in Narsapur region of Andhra Pradesh and manufactures a range of beautiful items for home décor and jewelry from crochet weaving. We help the group in selling the products by providing them with trendy designs & marketing platform for the produce. Crotcheting is the sole source of income for the artisan families here due to the absence of farming and industrial area in the region. They have some rice fields but the area is flood prone and every year a large number of families are … [Read more...]

Free Eye check-up camp and distribution of spectacles..

Eye camp SURE 1

SETU is committed to provide access to quality healthcare to its associated artisan groups. To achieve this goal, we conduct health camps at regular intervals. In the series, we organised an eye check-up camp for our partner artisan group, 'SURE' , an NGO based in Barmer, Rajasthan. The camp was conducted for a period of four days starting from 24th June to 27th June 2019. It was organised in four remote villages near Chohtan and a large number of artisans showed up at the camp. We are working with the group for many years now and the … [Read more...]

Celebrating World Environment Day.. Supporting Green Processes by underprivileged artisan groups..

World Environment day pic

SETU is committed to support ecofriendly products and processes. For this, we support & encourage artisan groups to manufacture products using recyclable & sustainable raw materials and thus contribute towards reducing our carbon footprints. One such group is a women's Self Help Group based near Bharatpur, Rajasthan. SETU has trained these women to create beautiful bags, multipurpose doormats, rugs and baskets from used textiles & saree fabrics, jute and worn out cloth rags. We provide a marketing platform to the group for … [Read more...]

Installation of saw-dust control systems for wood carving artisans… Another initiative towards ensuring artisan health & safety…

Dust Control 1

SETU is committed to improve the working conditions and processes of our partner artisans. Ensuring artisan health & safety is one of our primary objectives. And for this, we schedule regular team visits to our associated groups. Last year, in the month of December-18, SETU team (including our CEO Rashmi Dhariwal) visited one of our partner artisan groups engaged in making a varied range of wooden products. We discussed the workplace conditions and any issues of concern faced by the group. It was found that they were in urgent need of … [Read more...]

Infrastructural support to the wood carving artisans..

Wood carving 1

As part of the artisan development program, SETU team visited our wood carving partner artisan group based near Bijnor, (U.P.) in the month of December 2018. The group is associated with us since many years and is engaged in making hand carved wooden products. Earlier, we had conducted skill upgradation workshop for the young artisans of the group, thus helping them becoming self-employed so that they can support their families. Upon visiting, SETU team interacted with the artisans working with the group. Upon interaction, it came to light … [Read more...]

Providing Infrastructural support to the wood carving artisans..

Pilkhava 11

With an objective to support the underprivileged artisan groups by providing them with required infrastructure & reduce artisan drudgery, SETU team had visited its wood carving artisan group based inU.P. in April 2018. Upon interacting with artisans & assessing the work place, it was found that artisans lacked the basic infrastructure like work shed, machinery & tools & even a storage place to safekeep the finished products. They had to work in open, without adequate tools & their finished goods were prone to damage by … [Read more...]

Celebrating International Women’s Day..

women's day 1

With an objective to create awareness and educate the rural women artisans about the sensitive issue of keeping personal hygiene during the monthly menstrual cycle, an awareness workshop was organized by SETU Society on the apt occasion of women's day. The topic is very sensitive in Indian society and equally important like any other women related issue, be it women's education or health. However, it has not been given due attention because of the natural shyness & associated taboos about the same in public. It's high time now that we … [Read more...]

Awareness workshop for Designers towards achieving sustainability

Banasthali 1

To bring about a positive change in the Society for long term, involvement of the youth & upcoming generation is very important. These are the future torch bearers and can contribute towards the betterment of people & planet in a revolutionary way, if guided along with their education years. Designers can play a very important role in our society. And so, to address the Final year students of B. Des, SETU team visited Banasthali Vidyapeeth, a renowned educational University since 1935. The institute is known for its quality of … [Read more...]

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