Distribution of sanitary napkins to the Crotchet Lace Women Artisans..

The Godavari Delta women lace artisan group is based in Narsapur region of Andhra Pradesh and manufactures a range of beautiful items for home décor and jewelry from crochet weaving. We help the group in selling the products by providing them with trendy designs & marketing platform for the produce.

Crotcheting is the sole source of income for the artisan families here due to the absence of farming and industrial area in the region. They have some rice fields but the area is flood prone and every year a large number of families are affected by the devastating floods. Natives are trying to migrate to cities like Hyderabad and Chennai for better employment opportunities. This year also, the floods wreaked havoc and many artisan families were displaced.

Since there are more women artisans and very less market opportunities, a lot of women remain unemployed and poverty is widespread. Women prioritize other basic necessities and give preference to their family needs over their own health & hygiene. Menstrual hygiene and care remain a taboo and a far-fetched luxury.

To make the women aware of the importance of personal care & hygiene during the menstrual cycle, SETU decided to sponsor sanitary napkin packs, along with talks & discussions on the issue. A total of 80 women artisans were distributed with sanitary napkin packets, sufficient for six months, free of cost. Approx. 500 packets were distributed.
The women were very happy with the sanitary pads and said now they can work even in “those days of the month” with confidence..  :)

Crochet lace artisans

In the past too, we have helped the group by providing them with spectacles, sewing machines and raw materials free of cost.

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