Green Living while Shopping


  • Don’t overbuy!
  • Buy in bulk to reduce packaging waste. Promote Products rather than the packaging: We generally throw away the packaging of a product. Product packaging is just a waste and contributes to almost 30% municipal waste being dumped in landfills, which release large volumes of methane. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that causes global warming. So prefer buying products with less packing or bulk packing, to reduce packaging waste.
  • Do not accept or use polybags. Carry your own re-usable, eco-friendly bag like cotton bags, jute bags, recycled newspaper bags, etc. for carrying groceries. Click here to see some options.
  • Buy energy-efficient products: Look for energy stars or other certifications for assessing their energy consumption while purchasing. Purchase low-wattage equipments, if possible. These will help you save money too, as they reduce your electricity bill.
  • Buy solar-powered products.
  • Online Shopping: Shop online, this not only will reduce fuel consumption and green house gas emission by not driving to the shop, but each time you buy something on-line, organizations working for environment protection such as WWF receives a contribution out of that.
  • Go for green Products: If possible go for Fair Trade products while shopping, which symbolize that sustainability measures have been taken care of. Stop buying products which deteriorate environment. Click here to know more.


  1. Go for Organic Foods: they do not use toxic pesticides & fertilizers.(1.)Use organic foods, which are health protective.(2.)Use of organic farming which is good for sustainability is being promoted, if we use organic food products, natural fibre fabric, cotton.
  2. Reuse canvas or jute bag for shopping time and again. Say NO to polythene and paper bags.
  3. Buy fruits and vegetables which are seasonable and locally produced in order to reduce unnecessary transportation cost and energy expenses.
  4. When buying fish please look for non-endangered species.
  5. In place of wrapping paper, go for gift bags for packing gifts. Wrapping papers are wasted after being used first time, but one can use gift bags again and again.


» Insist for recycled products:

(1.) Recycled products are eco-friendly, we should purchase these products for doing good to environment and our health too.

(2.) While purchasing a product, look for the label of recycled product or eco-friendly product.

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