Green Living while Travelling


  • Drive smart by driving less, pool cars, share transport with co-workers, students, family & friends, use public transport means, to save fuel and energy. Further, this contributes to less CO2 emission.
  • Check your tires regularly to make sure they are appropriately inflated. This helps in energy conservation by more than 3% and keeps 20 pound CO2 out of atmosphere.
  • Look after vehicle maintenance carefully and regularly, by servicing engine oil, brakes, lubrication, carburetor etc. for attaining fuel efficiency and reduce impact of CO2 emission.
  • While waiting at traffic signals, turn off engine of vehicle and restart it when the signal turns yellow.
  • If possible, park your vehicle in shade for reducing fuel evaporation, which is 7 degree higher in the direct sunlight. This would reduce load on car air-conditioner when you start the vehicle later.
  • Use environment friendly mode of options for travelling e.g. walk, run or use your bicycle as an alternative to automobile driving whenever and wherever required to travel feasible distance. Avoiding 10 miles of driving every week may eliminate approximately 500 pounds CO2 emission every year.
  • Plan your travelling, make sure travelling is really necessary or not.
  • Avoid congested traffic routes.
  • Vehicle purchasing should be judicious, choose more fuel-efficient vehicles to avail more mileage per gallon of fuel.
  • Use ships rather than planes for couriers. Sea shipments are supposed to be greener rather than air shipments. So reduce your carbon footprints.
  • Don’t be tempted to touch wildlife and disturb habitats whether on land at the coast or under water.
  • Observe responsible and eco-friendly holiday schedules.
  • Use recycled carry bags rather than plastic ones
  • Dispose off plastic bottles, packaging etc. properly and at specified disposal points only.


  • Adopt reusable environment friendly bed rolls, linen while traveling.


  • Make sure you use environment friendly options of transport, made of most recyclable components.
  • Insist recycling of used bed rolls, linen, used in traveling.
  • Use services of hotels, which adapt environment friendly, recyclable, measures in their mode of services to clients. Prefer accommodation with solar energy or hydroelectric power and have effective waste treatment systems.

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