Amar Jyoti

The School that Makes Newspaper Bags

Our recycled newspaper bags have been a great success, and have been featured in many “Green” blogs and websites such as and They are made by an organization whose main purpose is to provide education and health care to underprivileged children. They also provide vocational education to help them become self-sustainable when they grow up. The school raises some income by making the newspaper bags, and we are glad we can help them sell these amazing, green products.

Many young boys and girls run away from their homes in villages to escape gender discrimination, abuse, poverty and many other problems. They dream of making it big in the city, and arrive at the train stations alone. However, their inexperience, their innocence and their lack of skills force them to live in slums, beg on the streets, or be victims of human trafficking.

Luckily, there are organizations that want to put a stop to this tragedy. SETU-The Bridge To Artisans is working with this one in particular, which focuses on getting youth off the streets and saving them from sexual and labor abuse. This organization works towards a just and equitable world with projects such as:

  • Home placement project
  • Nutrition programs for the rescued youth
  • Vocational education to teach practical skills
  • Formal and informal schooling
  • Health and psycho-social rehabilitation
  • Prevention strategies, where they meet the boys, girls and adolescents at the train stations before they end up in the slums

Half of the children they work with have some kind of disability (hearing impaired, sight problems, missing limbs, and so on). The other half come from very poor families or from the streets. This creates an environment where the physically impaired children can interact with the “normal” children, and where all of them can have a positive education environment. The organization has their own clinic that helps the children with disabilities. They also take care of special surgeries, and even have a workshop that makes the prosthetic limbs that some children use.

Moreover, as part of the social rehabilitation therapy, the rescued youth undergo training through a project called “Action/Process”. This consists of teaching them to make bags and glass mosaics. The aim is to provide a safe, practical activity in a healthy environment, fostering responsibility and human interaction/communication.

The school is constantly in need to buy or upgrade computers, ocular implants, water purifiers, motor-run sowing machines (to teach the physically impaired children how to sow), furniture and building maintenance. However, their biggest need at the moment is money to cover the vocational training. The programs that are available for them to study are: Art & Craft, Textile Design and Jute Bag Making, Computer Applications, Cutting & Tailoring, Electrician. If you would like to see how you can help this group, please click here.

Paper Bag

This is an eco-friendly product made by recycling old newspapers (in Hindi). Several layers of newspapers are used to make the bag sturdy. The bag is strengthened with a recycled cardboard...

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Sustainable Style Jute Tote

This large, spacious bag is made out of jute, a very durable and sustainable material. A stamp-like design on the front says "Team Green" and "Sustainable is Beautiful" while the...

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Custom Newspaper Bags

Product Details:

Standard Size: 12"W x 16"H x 4"D ( can be changed to any size)

Color: Assortment of newspaper prints (Indian newspaper)

Material: Indian newspaper

To know more about the artisans who created...

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