Kala Raksha

Kala Raksha means “Preservation of Art. Kala Raksha is thus a grass roots social enterprise dedicated to preservation of traditional arts of the region by making them culturally and economically viable.

This project was established in Kutch in 1993 as a platform for traditional artisans of Kutch to develop their creativity and improve their lives. It focuses on embroidery artisans practising fine traditional embroideries as well as their skills in suf and Kharek embroidery styles. It works with nearly 1,000 embroidery artisans of seven ethnic communities.Kala Raksha comprises more than the design school, which is an institution of design education, rather than vocational training.

Kala Raksha encourages community members to work together towards the goal of self-sufficiency. Generating income through their traditions, community members can realize their strengths and maintain their identity as they develop. The trust provides training as needed to make this possible.

KALA RAKSHA was conceived as a new model for development through handicrafts: the interlinking of two parts, preservation of age-old traditions, and income generation via contemporary work. Income generation, preventive health care, basic education, and group savings are all integrated in a comprehensive development programme.

They also run an educational institution, known as Kala Raksha Vidyalaya. The focus of the school is on acquiring knowledge and skills that can be directly applied in the artisan’s own art to enable innovation appropriate to contemporary markets.

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Drizzle Rain Bags

These handmade, cotton bags are embellished with fine applique and thread art. They are lined with contrast color hand-block printed fabrics inside. The bag also has a small pocket inside.


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Sufi Coin Bags

Sufi work is a special local art where each stitch is counted, giving the bags fine, geometric thread work.

This is a handmade product, made in India by artisans who benefit...

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Card Holder

This is a fair trade, handmade card holder. It is made from cruelty free leather (leather from animals that died naturally). The holder has three compartments, and it is embellished...

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Kala Raksha Clutch

Need enough space to carry those essential items, but don't want to go for the shoulder bag? This clutch is the perfect marriage of space and convenience! A...

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Mandala Wallet

Rich, traditional embroidery with mirror work. Assorted colors. 2 card slots.

SIZE: 4" x 3"

MOQ: 3



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