Kasuthi Embroidery Group

Kasuthi is a voluntary-based organization located in the arid districts of North Karnataka in South India. It works to empower women coming from marginalized sections of the society. It was set up with the aim to make women self-sustainable, specifically reviving Traditional crafts of Lambani (a Tribal Community), Kasuthi and others. As it follows with Fair Trade, this is continually making impact in the artisans’ lives.

The group currently supports over 300 women from 12 different communities in Bijapur. These artisans used to make only traditional costumes called ghagra cholis, quilts and batwas for themselves, but were then trained in skills to help them earn more income. The training program not only makes them self-sustainable economically but also as confident individuals. They now have the skills to make products more suited to the contemporary life style of the people. Their products include bags, cushion covers, bedspreads, jeweler, wall hangings etc.

There are no products in this group.

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