The artisans who make our line of “Cosmic” products belong to an organization whose aim is to promote and preserve the traditional craft of the region and provide employment to rural women. This organization works with tribal Lambani women artisans who face challenges such as drought. While they traditionally depended on agriculture and harvesting forest products, their land has been very dry recently, reducing the livelihood of many communities.

As a response to the changing climate and economic conditions, more than 500 women artisans across several villages are revitalizing and repositioning their traditional craft of mirror-work embroidery. Men in these villages are only involved in the supervision, field work and administration of the sales of the crafts. Still, the organization aims to empower women so they can become independent and make decisions of their own. That is why all the stages of production are handled only by women. Moreover, working conditions are changed to accommodate for the lifestyle of women in the villages. For example, they do all the embroidery at home once they are done with all other responsibilities (such as taking care of the children, doing house work, etc.)

The artisans have expressed that there are many benefits to working under the principles of Fair Trade. Not only do they get fair wages, but they are able to work safely from home, they receive a cash bonus at the end of the year (8.33% of their income), health insurance under a government program, scholarships for their children, free electricity at home, free housing under certain conditions, among other benefits. SETU-The Bridge To Artisans is proud to work with this artisan cooperative.

Cosmic Sling Bag

Beautiful Sling bag with a very intricate running stitch design and mirror work. The bag closes with a zipper on top. It has a front zipped pocket as well.

Artisans who...

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Stitch Sizzle Bag

Vibrant bag, made by stitching different printed patches together. The look is enhanced by embroidering it with various kind of stitches. Completely lined inside and has two functional pockets.

Artisans who...

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Celebration Mirror Coin Purse

This is a fair trade product handmade by artisans in the Kutch region of Gujarat, India. It is made from cotton and has fine embroidery and mirror work done on...

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Cosmic Coin Bag

Coin purse with thread embroidery on both sides and lined inside with cloth. The embroidery is a traditional art made by artisans in India. Closes with a zipper.

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Color Splash Cushion Covers

These cushion covers are made by hand blocking motifs using 100% natural dyes. The fabric used is locally grown cotton. The fabrics with the motifs are sewn together and embellished...

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Color Splash Wall Art

Wall art made by hand blocking motifs using 100% natural dyes. The fabric used is locally grown cotton. Contains a front pocket. Small running stitches embellish the surface.

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Ananda Passport Bag

9"x7" across-the-shoulder bag features traditional embroidery and mirrorwork from Southern India.

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SDB 117 - Ananda Passport Bag


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Ananda Hobo Bag

This colorful bag features traditional embroidery and mirrorwork from Southern India. The fabric is sturdy and lined on the inside. 16"x12"

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Ananda Coin Purse

This fun accessory bag has a zipper closure around 2 sides and a fabric wrist handle for carrying. It is decorated with traditional embroidery and mirrorwork from Southern India.

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Ladybug Bracelet

This is a fair trade piece of jewelry, handmade in the eastern mountainous region of India. This bracelet is made out of tree resins. Artisans dry tree resins and later...

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Jingle Key Chain

Handmade key chains that come in various lively colors. A mirror is placed in the center using hand stitches. It has thread and beads and mirror work, as well as...

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