Very Special Arts

The Story of the Recycled Tape Products

Our line of recycled cassette or video tapes is made by a very special group of artisans in New Delhi, India. They belong to the international organization formerly called Very Special Arts, which focuses on working with children and adults with disabilities.

The project focuses on bringing out the creative skills in these special artists and at the same time preparing them to become financially self-sufficient and self-employed. By teaching children and adults how to make bags, they are ensuring that they will have the skills necessary to survive in the world. They are also able to raise money to keep the program going, ensuring people with disabilities get a chance to express themselves and participate in society.

By purchasing the products made by this group, you are ensuring that this talented and special group of artisans remains employed and free of exploitation. You are also supporting green practices, since all of their products are made with recycled cassette tapes or video tapes.

Recycled Video Tape Totes

These tote bags are made from recycled video tapes and cotton yarn. They come in two colors: green and rust.

The bags are handcrafted by young, underprivileged adults with special needs....

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Recycled Tape Folding Bag

These are very special products, made from recycled plastic and music tapes. They are lined with cloth inside. Comes as an assortment of colors. The bag itself can be folded...

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Recycled Video Tape Passport Bags

These sling bags are made from recycled video tape and cotton yarn. They have a thin shoulder strap for hanging.

The bags are handcrafted by young, underprivileged adults with special needs....

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Recycled Tape Clutch

Recycled and woven VHS or cassette tapes with cotton. Wristlet strap. Has internal pocket. Magnet button closure. Comes in three colors: Black (VSB 213), Navy (VSB 214), and Purple (VSB...

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VSA Pencil Case

This handy pencil case is made from cotton and recycled video tape woven together. Perfect for the office, school, or home.

  • Made of cotton and recycle video tape
  • 9" x4.5"

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VSA Wristlets

These fun wristlets are made of cotton woven with recycled video tape. They close with a zipper at the top and have a convenient wrist strap to grab when you're...

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Metallic Pillows

You'll never believe these ultra-chic pillows are made from old VHS tapes! The upcycled tape woven into the cotton fibers strengthens the fabric and provides a cool, metallic sheen. Each...

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