West Bengal Artisans – Jute Expressions

The artisans who make our Jute expressions bags are located in the West Bengal region of India. They belong to a nonprofit organization that works to better the standing of women, children, marginalized castes, the mentally and physically handicapped and the disadvantaged. Specializing in jute products, this group works with over 500 artisans living under the poverty line, most of who are women. These artisans get the jute from jute mills, which exist specifically to serve artisans who make jute products.

With the help of Fair Trade, this group can now sponsor welfare projects in both the urban and rural areas of this region. These projects include a short stay home for women and girls, a nursing home for the elderly, a vocational training center and production unit for physically handicapped, English and computer education, and micro-financing.

Jute Shopper

Jute bags with inspirational, positive artwork printed on them. They can be used as shopping bags. There are two types:

Chocolate color: “BE yourself” Beige color: “I AM FAIR TRADE”

These bags...

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Jute Coil Bag

A beautiful blend of innovation and art. This stylish and sturdy bag is made from 100% environmentally friendly processes on a jute base. Locally grown and spun cotton is coiled...

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Jute Elegance

This indigenous bag is made by hand weaving jute and cotton. Colorful Jute threads give it a beautiful rustic texture. The inside of the bag is lined with thick canvas...

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Jute Jubilance

Colorful jute and cotton bag, made by hand weaving both materials together. Multi-stripe bag dyed in lively spring tones.

Artisans who work on this bag are given a fair wage, work...

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Expressions Jute Bags

These messenger-style bags have inspirational messages printed on the front flap. There are three different messages on three different colors:

1) Blue Expressions Bag – “I AM FAIR TRADE”
2) Brown...

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Banana Fiber Cushion Covers

These cushion covers are made by weaving banana fibers together. There are two designs: drums and trumpets.

This is a Fair Trade product handmade by artisans in India. The artisans are...

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Assorted Jute Shoppers

This set of 4 shopper bags comes in red, olive, golden, and blue colors. They are made out of jute, a very durable and sustainable material. Screen printed in white...

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Jute Fair Trade Printed Wallets

Stamp Wallet – WBB 105

This bi-fold, jute wallet comes in blue and is stamped with a variety of mailing motifs such as the Forever Stamp, “Fragile: Handle with care,” “Express...

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Custom Jute Shopper

Product Details:

Size: 14"W x 17"H

Color: Choose from





Combination of any of the above colors ( example 50 Slate + 50 Golden + 50 Green + 50 Red)

Material: 90% Jute + 10%...

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Custom Jute wallet

Product Description:

These jute wallets are a great accessory for males and females alike. Makes a great non-leather option. Create an assortment of accessories and bags with this material such as...

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“Fragile” Pencil Case

This pencil case is screen-printed with travel stamp themed designs. Whether you need organization space for pencils and pens or a pouch for small travel accessories, this bag is useful...

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Custom Expression Jute Messenger Bag

Product Description:

This messenger style bag has inspirational messages printed on the front flap. This functional and unisex college/book bag is great for conferences, promotions and campaigns to spread your message.


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Jute Gift Pouches – Set of 4

Easy, eco-friendly wrapping for small gifts, these adorable jute pouches are durable and reusable. Embellished with border designs and inspiring words, this set includes one of each: Love (blue), Friend...

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