Vine Coin bag

Small coin bag with fine thread work. Beautiful vine patterns are used to embellish the surface. The bag has a silk wrap around string, which is hand-knotted. Good for carrying coins, credit cards and other small items. Makes for a beautiful gift.

The artisan community that makes this product lives on the edge of the great salt desert, the Rann. The fine embroidery is done by a collective of rural women from 130 different villages. Their cooperative focuses on empowering women to achieve socio-economic independence. SETU decided to work with this group to help the women develop their skills and their socio-economic standing in their communities. Income produced by this product also helps in the development of the villages, which were struck by a terrible earthquake in 2001.

Composition: Cotton
Size (H x W): 3″ × 4″

To learn more about the artisans who create this product: Rann Kala

Variations of this product

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