Karma Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is very intricate in its design. It is made of 3 separate bracelets tied with a string that has hanging beads and a hanging metal charm connected through a chain, in the shape of a heart. Each of the three bracelets is exactly the same, made mostly of small, round beads that are brown or white, with a few bigger, turquoise beads that don’t have a defined shape. By having 3 of these connected, the bracelet looks more rich and it gives it a “multi-stranded” effect. Each thin bracelet has a diameter of roughly 2 inches, but they are elastic so it is easy to fit all 3 of them on your wrist.

The hanging charm and beads add a lot of personality to this bracelet. The charm itself is made of metal in the shape of a heart, embossed with smaller heart designs all over the surface. The hanging beads are a combination of brown and white tiny beads, and the bigger turquoise beads. The knot that keeps all the separate parts of this bracelet together is brown and has medium-sized brown beads at the ends of the knot.

Color: Brown, white, turquoise
Composition: Wood, glass, metal
Size: 2” and stretchable

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Variations of this product
JMB 003 - Karma Bracelet

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