Karma Earrings

These earrings match the Karma Bracelet and Necklace perfectly. They are made of a large, turquoise bead in the shape of a multi-sided polygon (each bead is made by hand, so the number of surfaces on it varies), mixed with 3 tiny brown beads and 1 tiny metal bead. The bottom part of the earring has one of the tiny, wooden, brown beads in the shape of a sphere. As you go up the earring, it is followed by the big turquoise bead, another brown bead, the spherical metallic bead, and ends with the last brown bead. After that, there is a metallic loop on which a metal hook is connected. This is the part that goes through your ears. The earrings are light and retain their shape (they dangle in a straight shape).

Color: Brown, turquoise, metallic
Composition: Sterling silver, wood, glass
Size: 2”

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