Men Necklaces

A necklace specifically designed with men in mind. The main beads are circular and black, with bigger glass beads adding to the design.

Made by Diane’s Paperworks. Through developing new innovative designs, raising the standard of quality, linking local artisans with the global marketplace, and advocating for sustainable development, Diane’s Paperworks has been able to become a company with a conscience. They provide life changing help for young men, teaching them the skills of screen-printing on hand made paper, job training, housing, a basic literacy course, and future job placement. Beyond that, since most women have never been beyond a 5th grade education, Diane’s Paperworks works along side them to teach them math and reading skills. Women are also empowered by encouraging them to make decisions in the community.

Color: Black
Size: 17½”L

To learn more about the artisans who create this product: Diane's Paperworks

Variations of this product

DP 103 - Men Necklaces

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