Script Stoles

These soft-feel cotton stoles are decorated using the traditional art of wood-block printing by artisans in the Kutch area of India. The script stoles come in red and black designs. They are very stylish and modern-looking, despite the antiquity of the script. Please note: the block printing is only on 1 side.

The Kutch area was affected by an earthquake in 2001. Fair trade has definitely given many of the artisans in the area a chance to sell their products in the global market. This new source of income has allowed the artisans to rebuild their communities and break the poverty cycle. Thank you for your support!

Composition: Cotton
Size: 76” x 22”

To learn more about the artisans who create this product: Rann Kala

Variations of this product

CCS 102 - Black
CCS 103 - Red

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