Raising awareness about menstrual hygiene for women… A SETU initiative for the women artisans of Sanjay Nagar slum area..

Menstruation is a very important & inevitable part of women’s life. Proper information and good hygiene practices are necessary during this period to avoid serious ailments affecting the body. There are many myths associated with the sensitive issue in our country. Women, specifically from rural areas and economically weaker sections of the society are not aware about the importance of hygiene during the monthly cycle due to lack of education. To raise awareness on the topic, a workshop was conducted by SETU on 10th of August at our training center located in the Sanjay Nagar slum area.

The women artisans here belong to a Self Help Group and create home décor items, bags & accessories etc. SETU provides training, raw material & machinery to these women and help them in marketing their products.

In the workshop, SETU team discussed the importance of hygiene & do’s & don’ts during menstruation. They answered various questions from women artisans regarding the issue. The importance of self-sustainability for women in today’s times was also discussed. SETU head Ms. Rashmi said that it’s very important for a woman to be financially independent as only then she would be more confident and can make her own decisions in life.

Towards the end of the session, free sanitary napkin packets (sufficing for 6 months each) were distributed to each woman participant to promote healthy & hygienic practices… :) . A total of 45 women participated in the session.

Sanjay Nagar Awareness Workshop

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