Donors and Supporters

The journey so far has been a memorable one with both ups and downs. When we look back it is evident that it was not easy to do all that we have done in the past years, but we managed with the valuable support of our Donors and supporters. We extend cordial thanks to all of them and express our desire to carry forward this relationship in the future.

Our esteemed Donors and Supporters:

Greater Good Network

Greater Good Network is an independent charitable organization devoted to improving the health and well-being of people, animals, and the planet. Headquartered at Seattle, U.S.A. it provides funding to other registered charitable organizations that focus on core areas including world hunger and food insecurity, breast cancer, preventing and treating childhood illness, promoting childrens literacy and education, protecting and restoring the environment and addressing issues related to animals. We are proud to be associated with such an international level organization working for so many good causes.

Mr. A.R. Gupta

A chemical engineer from BITS, Pilani, he has been an entrepreneur & a successful businessman. A man of principles, he always helps & supports the SETU society with ideas, guidance & financial support whenever needed.



Eco Friendly Papers

Ecofriendly Papers are manufacturers and exporters of the largest variety of premium Handmade paper and an exquisite range of its converted products and traditional handicrafts from India.


SETU-The Bridge To Artisans

SETU-The Bridge To Artisans is an exporter and wholesaler of Fair Trade, handmade products from India. All of its products are made by hand following strict Fair Trade standards.


Mock upKallista Designs

Kallista is a wholesaler of handmade sustainable sterling silver jewellery.  Kallista offers pure, hand crafted, high quality sterling silver jewellery in contemporary designs, at affordable prices.



Dr. Pooja Mundra MS, (Gynecologist and Obstetrics)

A gynecologist by profession, she is a lady with a kind heart who is always ready to help the poor and the needy. It’s because of her unconditional support that we were able to organize one of our camps for the female sex workers at Reshampura and Badnapura.


Dr. Alok Pandey (MBBS, DNB)

I/C Critical Care Unit, Navjeevan Hospital

He is in charge of critical care unit, Navjeevan Hospital Gwalior (M.P.). Offers free services to the underprivileged and weaker sections of the society.


Dr. Yogendra Verma (M.D, Paediatrics) Vincon Plaza

Shinde ki chhaoni, Lashkar, GWL

He is a pediatrician by profession, always ready to offer services for good causes. We are thankful to him for helping us in our endeavors.



Dr. Neelam Rajput Verma (MS Gynecologist & Obstetrics) Vincon Plaza

Shinde ki chhaoni, Lashkar, GWL

Renowned gynecologist, offers free of cost services to the needy.



Dr. Mahi Pravesh Mishra, Lecturer (Stri & Prasuti Rog Vibhag)

Govt. Ayurveda College, Lashkar, Gwalior

Ayurvedic doctor by profession, she is always ready to help the people in need.



Dr. Tushar Ghodke BPT

Physioyherapist, Lashkar Gwalior

He is a physiotherapist by profession. Offers free of cost services to the poor.


Dr. Pravesh Mishra MS (Ayurveda)

Lecturer shalya chikitsa Vibhag. Govt. Ayurveda College, Lashkar, Gwalior

Lecturer at Ayurvedic College, Gwalior, he is of the view that the fortunate people should help the less fortunate ones and therefore lend a helping hand to the poor and needy.


Gaurav Shrivastava

Student of Journalism and mass communication, he is quite passionate about doing voluntary work for NGOs. Not only this, he takes computer classes for poor people and work for their upliftment.



Vijay Bhadauria

A student of Journalism and Mass Communication, he does voluntary work for NGOS.




Alok Jain

Alok is a freelance journalist working for electronic media. Besides his passion for journalism he is also interested in doing voluntary work for NGOs and societies.

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