Leadership Speaks

Ms. Rashmi, President and founder of SETU-Society is one of those few people who believe in doing, rather than saying.

In her words “Every person should develop a feeling of giving back to the society, not necessarily in monetary terms only but by servicing the society in other ways, sparing some time for these less fortunate people, by sharing thoughts, skills and ideas with them. Even small things like teaching a poor kid in free time! It doesn’t cost much and on the other hand, it gives a feeling of mental peace and satisfaction which people are searching for their whole lives. Don’t look at these people with sympathy, rather lend a helping hand to them by making them self sustainable so that they can carve a life of dignity for themselves. In the form of SETU-Society, we have taken a small step towards fulfilling this aim and want others to become a part of our pious mission and get credited for bringing smiles on the faces of these people”

“Everyone of us can make a difference in the world, however small it may be!”