Trend Forecast for Spring Summer 2017

In Spring summer 2017, the color palette for the season has varied shades from airy and light to explosive and bright. This season, the diverse color & trend mixes indicate our global culture…where borders fade…inspired by the latest innovations & the cultural shifts.

This is a season where we see creativity unfold. Read here the color predictions from prominent fashion houses and join the Color Evolution!!

(For References and Resources of the prominent fashion houses & trendsetters, who have inspired our research, please scroll down at the bottom of the page.)


The first palette consists of bright color mix. Hipster and modernistic style with a uncoventional appeal. Bright and vibrant shades like candy apple red, fuchsia, amber and amethyst illuminate the palette. Florescent yellow and atomic tangerine tones create the ultimate union between contrasts of woven textures and colorful fabrications.



In the second palette, blue is one of the most essential hues of the season. Tones range from a cloudy shade to a slight aqua undertone. Teal offers a new fashion color that adds newness especially to retro looks. Moonstone Blue is an exciting new fashion color.


The next palette consists of shades of Yellow. Lemon Chiffon brings yellow to the pastel range with creamy undertones. Buttermilk offers a creamy yellow pastel in contrast to the more saturated daffodil.


In the last palette, a peach-tinted nude fashion color introduces a delicate and feminine shade to springtime collections. Dark salmon brings something new to the pastel palette, with coral undertones. Antique rose brings something fresh to the traditional range of pinks. As a mid-tone, the color is fully saturated and looks best when paired with delicate materials. Casual lightweight styles express a newfound chic. Layers of delicate sheers enhance the look.




Washed Away Look:

Washed away is achieved by dye effect, as we see fabrics, which have faded and eroded hues. The palette is of gentle blues and grays mostly to get the true effect as that of ocean waves. Shibori, ombre dyeing etc are some ways to achieve the look.

Havana Tiles:
In this, a perfectly symmetrical repeat is created, with floral dominating the designs. Some geometric mosaic patterns can also be used but will look best when combined with floral. Colors vary between pastel pigments and vibrant formations.

Metallic Sheen:
Metallic Sheen inspired trends will work this season. The luster of metals on objects of home décor and jewelry will be a dominant trend for the coming year. Gold, copper silver etc. metal finishes would transform the visual nature of interiors and accessories alike.


Trims, Tassels, Laces, Threads, Fringes:
The side embellishments are in spotlight this year for they will be celebrated upon accessories, garments, jewelries and products of home décor extensively. The combination of vibrant colors and additional decorations as ‘the main thing’ will create some very interesting trends in SS17. Bohemian & delicate looks will be in trend.



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