Trend Forecast For Fall Winter 2010/2011

Prominent fashion houses like Pantone, Do Design, Trendsetter, Cosmoworld, etc. have already come up with the colour predictions for this season. Every year, professional designers & trend setters meet for forecasting the colour trends for different seasons. These are preferred & followed by the fashion lovers. Dark, inky nocturnal tones; purples and shades of grey with bright accents are just some of the many amazing palettes available for Fall/Winter 2010/2011.

Here we will update about the colour trend forecasts for the aforesaid season by different prominent fashion trend setters. One can design the new products for these seasons according to these colour themes. Scroll down and take a dip into the sea of colours!!!

Trend forecast by Do Design:

It is a Los Angeles based trend and colour forecasting company. Its singular, cutting edge perspective, coupled with the comprehensive knowledge of the current market place; fuel the company’s imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

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Here are the latest colour schemes and trends for fall winter 2010/2011from Design Option. The colour pallets along with the theme & harmony in which they can be used are also illustrated here.

Trend forecast by Cosmoworlds:

Cosmoworlds provides access to information for the international trade community. Their news includes trade data, international fashion week and trade show dates as well as information on global trends and lifestyle events.

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Warmth, comfort, caring, reassuring, thoughtfulness are terminologies to have in mind when developing fabrics for the autumn and winter of 2010/2011.

Given below are the themes for this season along with colour palettes.

  • Puritan
  • Reflection
  • Rugged
  • Exotic
  • Identikit


Highest quality bespokes sophisticate. Shapes are geometrical, folded, draped. Bodies are carved, curved, and monumental. Surfaces are minimal, smooth, and easy. Colours are gentle contrast, tint tones. Luxury and elegant esteem! Only the superb, regarding materials and finishing – for regular clothing purpose – is approved. Fabrics are coated, weightless, fluid simply impeccable. Aspect is precise and perfect, feminine and sensual at the same time. Colours are subdued – the essence of the mood is material.


Playing with effects, light and shine- special effects applied to fabrics finishing, printing, laminating or whatever it takes to deceive the eye. Technology and artificial materials in all aspects, is brought into play to achieve the trickster–appearance. Exploiting interactive technology in clothing frame work.


Nature’s resources exploring the relationship between the Urban and the natural landscape. Merging the industrial and the handcraft techniques. Nature is dealt with under a man made aspect, caring for the best components. Materials are natural or derivates from natural sources refined by using the best of industrial techniques in order to save the human dimensions. Patterns are handcrafted repetitions, embracing the small imperfections, adding life to expressions.


Fashion impact! It’s all about colour, dye, tint, hue…Decorations are complex: caliper drawings neatly colored or animated colored paintings. The curios clash of tapestry and techno. The interference of a precise pattern and a texture. The oddity of a meticulous image spray painted. It’s glamorously artistic. Illuminating, Super-brights, Unique Chameleon, Eye catching, Capricious, Expressive Explosive, Revealing, Kaleidosceope, Vivid Color abundance.


Towards the future! The hyper newest technology is implemented in the story created by these dark shades – and moods. Breaking down into single elements, looking through in order to discover what and preferably how materials are inspired from high technology building and military industry. Pattern language is graphic. Emotional, Rich lacquer shine, Dense darks, Film noir, Connotation, Overtones, Hollow shades, Appear / disappear, Collapse/Expand.

Trend forecast by Pantone:

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