Trend Forecast For Fall Winter 2012-2013

Fashion changes like a flash and at times even before the change in season; we should therefore keep our eyes open for the latest trends in colours, clothes, accessories, interiors plus the exteriors to remain part of this fast moving and revolutionary fashion world.

Keeping the same thought, we came up with an anthology of some best colour trends for the Fall Winter Season 2012-2013. The patterns here pursue a variety of styles & work from big fashion/ design houses like Pantone, Design-options, APLF Ltd., which can be applied to oneself or their surroundings. Scroll down for a short and snappy review to these designs.

PANTONE Colour Planner

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Pantone announced the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 edition of PANTONE VIEW Colour Planner. This multi-discipline color forecast, titled Refocus, showcases the key color palettes for women’s wear, menswear, active wear, cosmetics, lifestyle and industrial, and graphic design.                                    

A range of vivid and vibrant tones, which strongly stimulate your optic nerve and allow you to “see” the world.
A series of color crescendos from muted warm or cool browns to foggy grayed greens, as well as turquoise and khaki, finishing with a dark coda of chocolate and graphite.


A scale of oxygenated and salty blues descends to blackened ink, stone and moss. An underwater garden beneath an underwater sky.


Radiate is pure happiness and very colorful. Do not be scared by shades of bright reds, embarrassing violets and vulgar oranges. Be brave and mix them all together.


Traditional colors take the limelight: brown-black, mahogany, sandalwood, saddle, mid and dark tan, midnight, glossy navy – balanced by a trusty neutral.


A range, which includes the luminous and the somber, hot and cold, a centrifugal force and a centripetal force, the macro and the micro, the atom and the universe.


Converge is about deep, informed colors gathered together at a central point and then merged in a new, creative way.


Using honest, flat, uncomplicated, warm color, we slowly build complex forms as we appreciate how little elements work together to produce great things.

Color Movements:

Lighter blues and navy increase in importance.

Leathery brown becomes more important as a basic.

Olive becomes stronger.

Purple is still evident.

Bright’s have a singular status for winter.

Camel evolves into cappuccino and creamy hues.

Yellows become softer and less sporty.

Reds are becoming more orange.

Traditional winter darks and berry colors are more mid-toned and less blackened.


Trend forecast by Do Design
It is a Los Angeles based trend and colour forecasting company. Its singular, cutting edge perspective, coupled with the comprehensive knowledge of the current market place; fuel the company’s imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

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March signals winter’s thaw and spring’s impending arrival. With warmer temperatures in the air, new colors for both home goods and fashion are also on their way. This month is all about freshening last season’s hues. Start with accents of clover green, powder blue, and citrus orange.

Verdant green reminds us that budding leaves and sprouting flowers are nearly here. Cloth pumps in shamrock green bring the luck of the Irish this St. Patty’s Day. Ready your sun porch with pillows in shades of Celadon. An organic cotton shirt in mint keeps the last of winter’s chills at bay. Unfurl a bright green rug in your entryway.

Slowly but surely pastels are entering the picture this month, beginning with baby blue. Handmade earrings feature polished blue quartz stones. A retro chair is re-upholstered in soft sapphire. Count the seconds down until spring with an azure wall clock. Light and easy, a simple dress is cut from sky blue fabric.

Add some spunk to the remainder of this cold season with punchy orange. A flannel pillow is freshened with a lace-up detail. Stay warm by wearing tights with a peach wrap dress. Sheer, tangerine curtains diffuse daytime’s glow. Make-up or coins or keys, oh my: save something special in a sherbet-patterned purse.


Color Trend Report | Young Women’s, Contemporary: Four distinctive color themes for the Young Women’s Contemporary Market F/W 2012 – 2013 season are presented, including: House of Style, Retro Future, Arctic Expression and Print Works. The color boards are detailed with palettes, descriptions, examples of color combinations and images that capture the mood of the season to come!!

House of Style

Slate gray and mauve shades of dwelling and edifice coalesce with an astute graciousness while accentuating tailored lines. Muted blue and icy green hues of virtuosity and allure connote an element of seriousness on a backdrop of woolen suiting..



Deep plum and sky blue tones of purely nostalgic and undeniably evocative give precedence to delicate layers and gracious silhouettes. Metallic accents resonate with brilliance on a backdrop of silken elements.



Pale orange and deep reddish brown tones of unadulterated and ethereal intensify wisps of silken charmeuse. Chocolate brown and maroon hues of bitter chill and glacial ingenuity imply notions of warmth on a canvas of mohair and wool.




Dramatic blue and deep brown tones of eloquence and fluent persuasion reveal intricate weaves of fine spun silk. Vivid tones of turquoise mingle with bright tints to convey harmonious simultaneity..



Color Trend Report | Young Men’s, Contemporary: The Fall / Winter 2012 – 2013 young men’s color forecast is on display, with four themes that range from: Classic Luxe, Cool Contrast, Big Chill, to Street Wise. The color boards present directional palettes, trend descriptions, incoming color combinations along with runway visuals. In all, a quick snap shot of key color influences for the menswear market.


Smoky grey and silver shades of ostentatious and opulent give subtle detail a polished appeal. Tan and brown tones indicate elegance within layers of fine heather mixed wool.



Steel blue and icy grey tones of conceivable differences and irrevocable gestures resonate on sleek wool. Shades of turquoise and black intermingle brilliantly on a canvas of pique cotton.


Brick and muted mustard tones prudently accentuate cotton twill. Khaki shades and charcoal tints add perfect finish to the twists of mohair.


Grey and faded olive  tones give flashy accents to subdued lines and multifaceted textures. Blue and camel combinations of urban shapes and cross mode exude ultra fashionable flair..

APLF Color  Guide:

APLF Color Guide for Fall Winter 2012/2013 forecasts the direction of colours and materials in the coming season. The Material Trends Space at Fashion Access 2011 showcased the latest materials of exhibitors.

To be Optimistic:



To be Dreamy:


To be Sporty:



To be Dazzling:

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