Trend Forecast for Fall Winter 2015- 2016

Planning beforehand is a forte of the fashion world!! Design houses across the globe are already busy predicting the trends for fall & winters of 2015-16.

Reflecting our optimistic feelings about the future, color statements for the season are confident; gradually moving from wispy, negligible shades to more intense tones and stronger color bursts, highlighting some more classic tones along the way. Even black – that safe winter standby – is tinted with color. This is a season of ethereal neutrals, phosphorescent brights, celadon shaded greens or ceremonial reds full of richness and warmth!! Not only are the colors important, but the focus is also on how they are mixed and presented in a textural combination!

Scroll down and fill your life’s canvas with the colourful palette.. :)
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Mixed Baggage

The palette consists of comprehensive textures and structural reconfigurations. Chestnut brown and candy apple red shades dominate the palette. Slate grey and pale onyx saturations fuse in between, creating fiery prints with animal & geometric patterns in an effortless manner.

Mixed Baggage


Classic Reflection.

These combinations are designed to give vintage and sophisticated appeal. Neat and antique, nostalgic appearance!. Raw sienna and desert sand colorations, coral and dark sepia shades, mustard and midnight blue fuse symbolically with sea green.

classic reflection


Trail Blazers.
These depict animated & rustic looks, reeking of adventurous spirit. Flecks of silver may be used to accentuate superfluous fleece fabrications. Sun-burnt sienna shades, cinnamon brown undertones, ivory and chestnut saturations are used in symbiotic unison to give a rugged appeal.

Trail Blazers


Simply Elegant.
As the name suggests, this is simple, yet having modernistic style. Icy silver flecks are used to create ornamental & creative brocade appearances. Smooth white (alabaster) and smoky grey shades are set to create texturized patterns. Overall fusion is aimed to achieve artistic, intellectual and modern themes.

Simply elegant


Sahara desert
This palette incorporates elements of nature, along with the new and old. Earth tones are mixed with the cold, rough tones of metal and other hardware. The palette consists of robust and natural colors and draws inspiration from landscapes of desert structures and desert scenes from sci- fi movies. Earthy aesthetic mixed with a modern edge..

Sahara desert

Crimson Tide
This is one of the solo color palettes! Brown tinted maroon, i.e. burgundy becomes one of the most popular reds of the season..

crimson tide

Pink Fashion!
Fall-Winter 2015/16 gets inspired with a range of pinks, from Bubblegum to Fuchsia with Dusty Mauve fusing in between into the palette. Softer pinks highlight a more feminine feeling.

Pink fashion

Galactic Galaxy
The palette is all about boldness, mixed with a sense of modernism. Silhouettes are dramatic, bright and starry. Colors are bright and bold consisting of different shades of purple. The palette is inspired by the mysterious planets and the solar system. Elements of light and bright colors, along with interesting prints, textures and shapes.

Galactic galaxy


Holographic sky
The focus is on 3D dimensions. It uses the illumination of light to create an image. Bouncing light of different materials and fabrics makes colors seem digitalized and surreal. The palette reflects different colors that are produced when light is illuminated.
Inspired by beautifully colored rocks and minerals.

holographic sky


Style Trends for Autumn Winter 2015-16

Beautiful gems..
Autumn winter 2015/16 will bring quirky gems that will enhance any look. Heart shaped zipper pulls, diamond encrusted floral earrings and laser cut leather loafers will be the buzzwords this season!!

Beautiful gems

Rustic backpacks and wooden clutches will make a bold appearance this season. Jewelry will be adorned with crosses and 3 dimensional geometric shapes.

Rustic backpacks

Crystal clear glass and plastic will be used in clutches , handbags, hair accessories and even shoes in autumn winter 15-16. Paired with white, the transparent accessories are fresh and clean. Rustic gold jewelry will also contribute to the modern era.

Crystal clear glass

The dark era!
Accessories this season will be dark and chunky.. e.g., half gloves and high heels..The use of a hat or even a heavy bang will instill mystery and intrigue in every aspect of lives.

Dark era!

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