Trend Forecast For Spring Summer 2012

To keep us in knowledge about the ultramodern progress and most commercially dominant dazzling trends and colour pallets in Spring-summer 2012, some fabulous Designers have forecasted the colour trends for clothing, accessories along with interiors & exteriors. Following these trends, the end consumers are expected to buy what they like & simultaneously keep the fashion alive.

In brief, the latest trends & the main themes for the season include metallic colours with glow, mix of saturated, bright & shimmery Pastels along with some hot & vibrant colour surfaces. These include the workings of designers from leading fashion houses like Pantone, Design-options, APLF Ltd., Amber Fashion needs & Fashion Trendsetter. Scroll down to know about these trends

Color trends from Pantone

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Blue greens bounce off each other and glisten and glow.


Fractured surfaces create pixeled patterns in surprising mixes of saturated brights and elusive shimmering pastels



Interference facade. Complex surfaces throw up hot color combinations of fiery oranges and reds.




The bridge between nature and technology..




Reds, oranges and greens animate and vibrate each other.



Pink jewel brights shock against dark and midtones.



Surface glow – it’s almost monotone from darkest to lightest with blue caught between!!


Color and material trends from APLF

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 APLF Ltd provides global companies a chance to trade and exchange information at a number of trade fairs. These include the major leather trade fair,  APLF – Materials Manufacturing and Technology; Fashion Access, the bi-annual fairs which highlights footwear, handbags, travelware and a wide range of fashion accessories, and the annual meeting of the global apparel industry,  Prime Source Forum, which are all held in Hong Kong.


Colors- True colors precious inspiartion from idealised nature. A subtle harmony between vegetable, mineral and aquatic shades which tempts us to escape into the wilds. A range of greenish and bluish tones, khaki, greyish tinges with changing effects.

Style and Spirit- A refined style for chilling out and relaxation but also for top performance. The casual look goes more sophisticated and outdoor wear is easily more elegant..


Be imaginative ROMANTIC FUTURE

Colors- An avante garde range full of zip and fizz.. colors conjuring up a poetic future in a tangy diaphanous breeze.

Style and spirit- Imagine the fashion of tomorrow.. A style combining technical prowess and simpliciyt with romanticism. A fresh playful, joyous style, full of vitality for today but.. really for tomorrow!!



Colors- Punchy red as the pivot of a range that revives timeless colors with the sensuality of channel, cosmetic accents.

Style and Spirit- Dare to be glamorous day to day.. An uninhibited urban theme that diverts the codes of luxury and seduction in a contemporary spirit.


Be inventive TRAVEL MEMORY

Colors- A range of luminous neutrals and colors that tell of travels and bring back memories. Beiges, Khaki, navy blue and ecru brightened with vivid summary, sunny colors..

Style and Spirit- Invent whacky fashion codes.. A mix of styles for sheer pleasure. A theme which lures into urban adventures and trips around the world.


Fashion trend Forecast from Do Design

Do Design is aLos Angelesbased trend and colour forecasting company. Its singular, cutting edge perspective, coupled with the comprehensive knowledge of the current market place; fuel the company’s imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

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Lifestyle trends by Do Design

Lifestyle trends for Spring/Summer 2012, along with some wonderful coordinating prints from Kim Designs library!

This lush trend is all about the South Pacific. Oversized palm leaves and exotic florals evoke a getaway for the senses as you are transported to a botanical wonderland. The prints are as colorful as a Gauguin canvas. From pillows and bedding to dresses and shirts, every day is a vacation of the senses.


Bright Makeover


Black and white see the light with this bold trend. Re-imagine a rainbow with brilliant colors juxtaposed to one another. Stripes, circles and kaleidoscopic shapes dance across the fabric. Color blocking adds dynamic visual interest to bath towels and wrap dresses. Head to toe, wall to wall, surround yourself with brightness! Remember, the first thing you see when you enter a room, store, office, or restaurant is COLOR!


Take a trip down memory lane and step back in time. Retro-inspired prints, with hints of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s, are very “Mad Men-esque” and psychedelic. Colors that are a throwback to eras are modernized and freshened up. From funky table lamps to vintage muumuu’s, we reminisce the days gone by. This is the time to step out of the box with unexpected color combinations that add that “Wow” factor.

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Trend forecast by Amberfashionneeds

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Color trends from Fashion trendsetter

It is an online fashion and color forecasting, trend reporting and news e-zine which serves up-to-date fashion information from the major trade fairs, trend reports and fashion forecasts.

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Themes for Spring Summer 2012

  • Open Mind
  • Perspectives
  • Sense and Essence

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