Trend Forecast For Spring Summer 2014

The warm spring season will soon be knocking our doors….. Characterized by colourful blossoming flowers, spring is a symbol of youth, energy, romance and passion!! This warm season gives us freedom from the icy cage of winters! And on the style front, it gives a chance to flirt with colors!!

We have here tried to summarise the main fashion trends (in terms of color palettes and style) based on the forecasts and guidelines from prominent fashion houses like Pantone, Do Design, Lenzing, Fashiontrendsetter, Color lovers, Creative Market, Write On Trend, and many more.

The color palettes for Spring Summer 2014 portray a sense of equilibrium between the light colors i.e., pastels and the bright colors. Also, the spectrum consists of neutral colors that can either be used alone or could be mixed with other colors to get different shades. The neutral colors acts as a bridge between the two colors.
The style/fashion trends are summarised at the end of this page, after the color trends.
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The leading color trends for Spring Summer 2014 are..

There are total ten main colors in the palette.

SS 14 1


Placid blue: It’s the typical sky blue color of the open sky, provides background to every other color. Being a neutral color, it can be used alone and at the same time could be mixed with other colors to get varied shades.

SS 14 2

Violet Tulip: Walk down the memory lane with this vintage color. A romantic, vintage purple, evokes wistful nostalgia similar to the verdant shade of springtime foliage. Like Placid blue, it is also a neutral color.

SS 14 3


Hemlok: Beautiful ornamental green color, quite different from the usual green…. reminds of the foliage and happy spring times…. It can be used as a neutral color.

SS 14 4


Sand: Shade of sand that symbolises toasty, amicable, beach and carefree days.. A color that makes you feel comfortable in…. Experience the long walks on the beachside with this dusty color.

SS 14 5


Paloma: Paloma is synonymous to “dove”.. This color comes from the family of greys and being a neutral color can be used with other colors to make great combinations..

SS 14 6

Cayenne: The first bright color in the spectrum! Cayenne is a high-pitched red, adds a dash of spicy heat to neutrals, and heightens the excitement when mixed with other colors.

SS 14 7


Fresia : It is a pleasing bright yellow color that illuminates the entire spectrum of colors for spring summer 2014. Inspired by springtime flowers, it’s a scintillating color!!

SS 14 8


Celosia Orange: , an optimistic, spontaneous hue. Pair Celosia Orange with Violet Tulip for a captivating vision, much like the setting summer sun!!

SS 14 9


Radiant Orchid: A bold counterpart to violet tulip. It can stand on its own.

SS 14 10


Dazzling blue: It is a scintillating, polar opposite to Placid Blue. As placid blue is representative of calmness, in contrast to this, dazzling blue displays energy and spark.. it can also be called electric blue..Surprisingly, these strong, vibrant colors also pair well across the palette.

SS 14 11


The leading style trends for Spring Summer 2014 are..

Global ethnic – Stay connected to the roots, is the style of the season! Highly decorative embroideries, folksy and ethnic looks and elaborate edgings, tassels and borders are going to be the buzzwords for spring summer 2014..

SS 14 12


Floral prints – Floral prints continue to be a source of inspiration for designers and have been reinvented for Spring / Summer 2014. Beautiful floral trails, bouquet arrangements, rose garden, water-color marks, textiles with wide floral prints are a highlight of the trend for the season.. Monochromatic sketchy pattern is also a great pattern for season.

SS 14 13

Block Party- Straight lines are a common theme this spring. A-lines, both long and short, straight midi skirts with a daringly high slit, boxy jackets are the patterns that will be riding high this season..Blocks of colour complement the geometric lines. This theme looks set to dominate clothing and accessories.

SS 14 14















Back to School Geometry- It will be like going back to the geometry classes again! The once adorable geometric shapes will appear on fabrics, leather goods and jewelry in 2014. The trend can be a simple geometry sticking to a colour palette of black, white and tan with an occasional pink, blue or animal surprise.

SS 14 15














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