Trends For Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Prominent fashion houses like Pantone, Do Design, Dexigner, Apparel Search etc. have  come up with the colour predictions for this season. Every year, professional designers & trend setters meet for forecasting the colour trends for different seasons. These are preferred & followed by the fashion lovers. Deep, Bohemian, nocturnal, earthy, spiritual, synergetic, etc. are just some of the many amazing palettes available for Fall/Winter 2011/2012.

Here we will update about the colour trend forecasts for the aforesaid season by different prominent fashion trend setters. One can design the new products for these seasons according to these colour themes. Scroll down and take a look at the colours!!!

Trend forecast by Do Design:

It is a Los Angeles based trend and colour forecasting company. Its singular, cutting edge perspective, coupled with the comprehensive knowledge of the current market place; fuel the company’s imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

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Here are the latest colour schemes and trends for fall winter 2011/2012 from Design Option . The colour pallets along with the theme & harmony in which they can be used are also illustrated here.

Trend forecast by Apparel search:

( Sourced from Mudpie / Mpdclick)

The Apparel Search Directory is the fashion industries’ important guide when searching for fashion news, clothing wholesalers, apparel factories, fashion careers, fashion designers or any other issue relevant to the fashion industry.

Mpdclick is a leading commercial online fashion trend forecasting service of Mudpie. Mpdclick offers the fashion industry designer, buyer and executive the global creative inspiration and consumer intelligence needed to succeed. A subscription to can keep you informed of rapidly changing fashion and consumer trends and provides creative inspiration, market research and a library of usable resources.

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The theme for Autumn / Winter 2011/2012 is being divided into three trends:

  • Innovative
  • Primal
  • Synergy

Each trend is then split into three transitional phases.

Phase 1 for late summer/early autumn collections

Phase 2 for autumn/early winter.

Phase 3 for high winter.


The race is on for new discoveries and solutions, with an accelerated sense of urgency as science is heralded as the saviour of a trouble stricken age. This contemporary trend marks an optimistic outlook towards a new existence, free of economic doom and gloom, while rediscovering the benefits of an intellectual approach. Keen observation and understanding enables us to learn from past events and push for a formulaic attitude to global advancement.


A renewed sense of spiritualism evokes an affinity with the natural world and the rediscovery of the instincts buried deep within us all. Many modern lifestyles have lead to a detachment from our environment, pushing us towards an empty, cold future and a despondent attitude towards the inevitable crisis of climate change. The rebirth of a new spiritual civilization suggests a resourceful and nomadic existence living close to nature and stimulates a drive for creating beauty and progress out of disaster.


A new era of pragmatism, simplicity and efficiency is dawning. As a fresh model for living is sought across the globe, and we see retaliation against decades of excess and heady capitalism, we look to the Nordic states for inspiration. Social cohesion is key to a peaceful future with diversity not only tolerated, but celebrated and utilized through group participation, both in the community and the workplace. The regeneration of urban spaces is on the agenda to harmonize with a contemporary and metropolitan way of living; innovative design meets a classic Scandinavian aesthetic for precision and minimalism that still retains a sense of warmth and homeliness.

Delivering design related news, events, competitions, and resources, Dexigner is a leading online portal for designers. It also provides a design directory, database and agenda.

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Color trends from Fibre to Fashion..  

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The time has come to part with tradition and to dare!


The new color card from fibre to fashion features powdered tones used with pretty accents for the most sophisticated and precious materials, especially silks. Also in the running are colors direct from streetwear: lots of blues but also ochres and oranges.


The new alliance of art and nature, refined with rustic handmade and random effects. Cotton and shiny silks ” action painting” prints but also laces, embroideries, crafted surfaces and artisanal effects. Luminous clear natural colors, vibrant bronze and gold accents.. It’s a new vintage landscape that lands a surprising and pseudo fragility..


Luxury takes a stroll in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano.. All the allure of glamour of course, but full of humour and audacity, inspired by resolutely individualistic remixes of yesterday’s multicraft industries with treasures from the attic and grandma’s secret technique’s. Daring, liberated,energetic, creative.. ageless youth gives form and freshness to a luxury for all generations..


Between the Berlin of the twenties and the Paris of the eighties. Volumes are generous, there is a rigorous architecture, laces, jacquards and cutout effects feature black and ultra-white graphics. The archives of Mughlar and Montana are major references which set the tone for a sculpted, clean, structured silhoutte. Important to note that this should be a happy hunting ground for for really attractive shapewear..

The contents of these trend boards are strictly for user’s internal use.. The iconography contained herein come from newspapers, magazines, books and reports.


Color trends from Fashion access

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About Fashion Access

Fashion access is a biannual fair which highlights footwear, handbags, travel ware and a wide range of fashion accessories. It is organized by APLF Ltd, a joint venture between SIC Group and UBM Asia. For over two decades, Hong Kong-based APLF Ltd has been providing the global leather and fashion industry with its most important meeting and trading place.
APLF Ltd provides global companies a chance to trade and exchange information at a number of trade fairs. These include the major leather trade fair,  APLF – Materials Manufacturing and Technology; Fashion Access, the bi-annual fairs which highlights footwear, handbags, travelware and a wide range of fashion accessories, and the annual meeting of the global apparel industry,  Prime Source Forum, which are all held in Hong Kong.

Trends in briefs, styles, colors and textures!!

The upcoming season mixes styles.It freely invents new fashions.It urges us to launch into wild adventures and serious projects. Casual is smarter than ever.Classics take a new twist and become a key inspiration..

 Think classic Neo Formal..

Colors- A balanced timeless range of neutrals, contrasted with dark colors or intense basics. Hues which give a sense of reassuring elegance. Simple elementary but stylish colors..

Style and Spirit- The classics go modern. A city theme which revamps formality by twisting the codes with new volumes and proportions.

Think Casual Neo Natural..

Colors- Ecology refined by the elegance of precious natural colors.Warm pigments for a symphony of browns, rust and ochre , glints of copper and honey sublimated by a strange green and deep blue.

Style and spirit-Modern adventures want to be in harmony with nature. A precious casual spirit for relaxation or performance.

Think Romantic Neo Fantasy..

Colors- A fresh wintery range, delicate tones playing between hot and cold. Light contemporary vibrations of subtle, frosted pastels, full of surprises..

Style and spirit-A style that advocates a new range of well being : comfort and softness combined with whimsy in a futuristic design..

Think Eclectic Neo glamour..

Colors- A range full of contrasts: basic subtle and refined colors, erotic hues, insolent and precious tones, vibrant, vivid,opulent,exuberant sometimes poisonous..

Style and spirit-An eclectic spirit with many influences: sport, music, films; vintage, ethnic, science and technology,urban art luxury.. for making a splash standing out in the crowd, having a ball or burning energy..

Wonder: Pantone View Colour Planner Winter 2011/2012

Examines the Wonder of Science, Fantasy and Rediscovery.. Pantone announced Wonder, the fall/winter 2011/2012 edition of the Pantone View Colour Planner. This multi-discipline color forecast book showcases the key color palettes of the season for women’s wear, menswear, active wear, cosmetics, lifestyle and graphic design.

Fashion trends from the Fair Trade World..

The Fair Trade Federation is the trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations fully committed to fair trade. The Federation is part of the global fair trade movement, building equitable and sustainable trading partnerships and creating opportunities to alleviate poverty.

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