Trend Forecast for Fall Winter 2014-2015

Winters are the magical seasons! The morning fog, lazy afternoons and bonfire evenings.. all add glamour to this mystical season.. It’s the charming time of the year that gives chance to experiment with your wardrobe as there is so much to wear!! Get ready and fill the scintillating breeze of winters with a rainbow of warm colors..!!

The theme for this season’s fall can be named as “Interactions”.. The theme says that the perception of color for every individual is different. Personal attributes like language, nationality, history, climate, age and culture shape the way a person takes up color. The different colors can be compared to the different aspects of life. The eight new colour levels in the palette for this season show how these aspects of life have been explored…

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Humanity – Our origin, the place we belong to, our culture, gender, and race determines who we are. How we interact with others allow us to build on this and create a better humanity, where our connections allow for harmony and empowered strength through determination and commitment. Our cultural roots are represented by this color palette.

The palette consists of oranges and wild reds combined with earth-toned rusts, coppers and browns. Inspirations come from hairy surfaces, textures, irregular effects, marls and mélanges, thick with thin and matt contrasting with shine create the basis for the yarns.













Spirituality- Spirituality refers to the development of the soul…A happy social exchange can lift the human spirit. As we continue to engage socially, we learn from each other how to develop a stronger sense of our own spirit and enlightenment and this is represented by the given color palette.

The palette consists of highlighting yellows, hint at greens and softer hues, moving towards uplifting tones of warm winter sun.












Survival – People adapt themselves in accordance with the surrounding environment as it is the only way to survive in extremities; whether it is about surviving in the wild, in rural outdoors or urban survival in a post-industrial world; the need and ability to adapt to changes remains one of the key strengths of humans. See how the following color palette represents these attributes…

Colours of the palette are warm, earthy browns drawing inspirations from animal furs, bronze, industrial and stormy greys. Yarns reveal furry looks and extreme surface hair, bronzed, matt metallics and bonded surfaces.











Beauty – We need romance and beauty to enhance our lives, bringing us a better quality beyond simply existing. From the pure natural beauty of our skin and hair, to the way we adorn ourselves, and our surroundings, we hold a developed aesthetic as our constant goal. See these subtle colors in this color palette…

The colors of the palette are warm, yellowed neutrals , tinted with browns, pinks and a hint of purple. Inspirations come from peached finishes, subtly brushed or fine surfaces..









Rituals – The foundation of any culture are the rituals associated with it. The old traditions, myths and beliefs are mixed up and presented in a modern way time and again.

Color palette ranges from sacred hues of burgundy and berries to opulent purples and new violet hues. Inspirations are derived from feathery and furry surfaces and fabrics with ultimate depth.












Emotions – Emotions act as a catalyst in expressing ourselves. It is essential to connect with our emotions in order to express ourselves as individuals in a world where we are organized so much as a collective.

The color palette is characterized by translucent skin tones and veiled pinks contrasted by fiery red, all tones are subtly tinted by yellow. Yarns have a round look, warm handles and frothy surfaces. Colour effects such as printing and dip dyeing continue, but more subtly; and surfaces take on a silky sheen.







Origins – Our roots are deeply intertwined with nature and its natural life cycle. We have always been grounded and humbled by our eco system, but now we are also governed by its power. Our lives must adapt irrevocably to environmental and climate forces. And so, this color palette has been designed.

Colors of the palette are deep forest greens and bio matter tones contrasted by fresh vibrant hues reflecting new growth from more consistently fertile origins.. Rich mélanges and multi-ended marls, tweeds and colour flecks are among the yarns. Fabrics are luxuriously soft, along with highly brushed surfaces and interest in varying surfaces.









Dreams- Dreams are the wings through which we can fly into the unknown territories of our soul… Dreams create a new life, even a new world, where one can be liberated from the mundane and enjoy more fantasy.

The color palette shows tranquil light blues, reflected against more intensely saturated oceanic tones that are rich and opulent like midnight skies and dark inky hues. Fabrics take on a glossy sheen and silky drape that emanate excellence and extravagance.







The leading Style trends for the season are…

Digital prints
The captivating digital prints and patterns are going to be a flair of the season.. Displayed by bold, louder prints with quirky color combos, Optical and Sculptural Constructions and molecular designs of digital prints are are here to stay..

Digital Prints








Folk fashion
The folk motifs and gorgeous embroideries will be prominently seen on fabrics and accessories this fall.. The traditional designs with beautiful floral patterns will play a key part in women’s fashion..

Folk Fashion















Pastel shades

The beautiful bright pastel colors will be an essential part of the common fall and winter wardrobes. Shades of dusty rose, lilac, lavender and ice blue will be seen at large on fabrics and accessories like bags and home decor items..

Pastel shades










Plastic fashion!

The fall 2014 will be witnessing plastic fashion… From coats to accessories and from skirts to pants, the plastic thing will rule the podium in fall 2014… !! The plastic material will blur the lines between timeless elegance and graphic futurism..

plastic fashion









Photographic prints
Alluring photographic prints will be seen in combination with traditional plaids this season.. The prints will be highlighted by monochrome themes of black and white..

Photographic prints








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