Trend Forecast For Fall Winter 2017-2018

Color is at the heart of all we do. Color even inspires our moods. Fulfilling our intrinsic desire for change, we apply color to our walls, the cars we drive, and the face we see in the mirror each day and of course the clothes we wear.. With its ability to transform our appearance and our perceptions in any given moment, color is both the ultimate form of creative expression and the definitive disguise.

Leading Fashion Houses have predicted the color and style trends for the fall winter of 2017-18. We are providing here a holistic view of the season’s fashion & trend forecast by various fashion houses. Scroll down and get immersed in a mirage of beautiful colors!!

(For References and Resources of the prominent fashion houses & trendsetters, who have inspired our research, please scroll down at the bottom of the page.)

COLOR Trends:

This is inspired by a mélange between indigo, ocean, and arctic …the mysterious shade of blue being the common factor. Charming light shades of blue are calming to the eyes, highlighted with the bold & furious red-orange. Muted shades of purple & violet along with sky blues can be artistically used to create an effect which is calming as well as bold!
Terracotta and glittering copper add warmth to the otherwise calm and soothing blues!.




This winter, the pomegranate color with its bold and dark shade, would be a sophisticated trend. The hints of purple can be well accessorized with neutral backgrounds in apparels as well as with home decors.



The term ‘Shades of blue’ is truly translated here. Different shades of blue are mixed here, ranging from the coolest of cools to the deepest of depths. Mixed range of Icy blues, dark blues & grays, intense as well as light blues induce tones and tints of the same family….



Energetic hues of deep reds and burnt orange are the most prominent here. In contrast to these are the varied shades of blue-grays. Olive green and brown, in earthy and natural tones, further make the palette deep & rich. Fuzzy dark shades of orange are the main highlights.




Geometrics once again take on a retro look and have complexity added whether it be created by combining colors, altering sizes or making them appear to be three-dimensional. Patch working is also of importance, as well as geos printed on a faux texture.



You can also expect to see neutrals accented with colored walls and accessories. The retro 70′s look is coming back full force. Use tassels, fringes, hangings and ties to emphasize the folk-inspired look..



This is also a melange look, where mixing of patterns, eras and colors is key, as strong geometrics sit well against contrasted floral. These are inspired by vintage patterns and styling in modern geometric settings.



References & Resources for the above:
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