Trend Forecast for Fall Winter 2019-2020

Color is crucial for every season! This season, there is a need for uplifting, enlightenment and a new positivity. The usage of colors is about understanding the mood and creating new combinations that will deliver to one and all. Creativity, spirituality & sustainability inspire the colors & trends this season.

Scroll down to take a peek at the colors & trends from prominent fashion houses.

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Color Trends for the season..

Twilight Vision…
Various shades of purple are mixed together to get a feeling of spirituality and creativity. Vibrant hot pink-infused purple is powerful a statement in its own. It pops and brings warmth and energy into any palette.


Dusk to Dawn…

Bursts of hot pink and magenta cause your imagination to fill up with creativity. Deep purples and plums add a shade of mystery, intriguing to the naked eye. These romantic shades are refreshing and continue to add balance throughout the room.


Walk softly…
This palette consists of delicate hues and is dusted with femininity. Pink and peach tones are subtle and they blend with ease. Robust shades of mocha add depth and character to the blush colors while cream and taupe brighten up the palette.



Ambient Amber…
As the most luminous color on the spectrum, yellow offers mankind feelings of happiness and hope. In Autumn/Winter 2019-20, expect to see a surge in yellow from gold levels to bright sunshine shades, both with a red and green cast that infuses the season with warmth.



Style Trends for the season..

Nature inspired prints
This trend has been around for a while. In the upcoming year, however, we will see floral patterns in a new light. Decorators expect to find exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors used for this timeless decor pattern.


Bio- geometric repeat
Repetition of forms and handmade geometry is set to be a major trend in the upcoming season. The repetitive patterns, swirling spirals, and kaleidoscopic illusions of this trend create truly immersive design, fit for the digital age.



Zig Zag & chevrons
This trend adds a contemporary & simple look. Minimalistic appeal goes well with this trend.


This year, many designer brands show off creative and artistic patchwork styles. Part crafty, part geometric, patchwork denim is also in. This trend encourages mix of new fabrics, dead stock fabrics, and vintage materials. It goes with the trend of recycling & sustainability.



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