Trend Forecast for Spring Summer 2015

Seasons keep on changing and so does the fashion..Every season brings with it new ideas, new styles, and new colors in the making!! The spring of 2015 will see plenty of colors.. this season they will be less loud, calmer, mellow and more sophisticated.
The essentials:

Yellows, from chick to sunflower
Blues, from bleached sky to the abyss
Purples, from grey violet to cardinal
And lastly… White and off-white, to be used without moderation.

Designers at all prominent fashion houses have already come up with fashion forecasts for the mesmerising spring 2015!
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Scroll down and feel the color breeze!


Classic rose and cotton candy tones expressively fused within a mixture of patent leather and sparkling trim.

punk rockers 1 punk rockers 2


Orange and pink tones of fragrant tropical essences.

TropicaliTropical 2


Cerulean and cobalt blue tones on a backdrop of mercerized denims and pima cottons.

blue man group

Light beige and faded yellow shades that accentuate leopard prints with a touch of youthful vitality.

animal kingdom 1

animal kingdom 2

Mixed Metals
Electric blue and desert sand shades of metallic infusions and synthesized minerals. Bold metal statements with golden and silver streaks…

Mixed metals large

Green Scene
Jade and malachite shades , saturated emerald greens with yellow and sky blue hues …

Green scene

Fire Underground
Emphasis is on vivid red shades, pacific blues and deep plum tones. These colors to combine with artistic elements on denims and knitted textures.

fire underground


 Style trends for Spring Summer 2015

The four key trends for the spring of 2015 are artisanal, Thrift Shop, Avant Pop, and Streamline.
Artisanal: The trend uses bright colors mixed with neutrals. Repeated geometric patterns and linear border designs create a majestic visual appeal. Rich jewel tones are infused with intricate florals, while lace, suede, and jacquard fabrics help to evoke the elaborate nature of the trend. Texture becomes one of the most important qualities, and fringing and embroidery create a luxurious look.

Patterns for the style are folk prints, repeated geometrics, updated flora and fauna, blanket stripes, and border designs. Accessories include: embossed metal accents, tassels, studs, beadwork, brocade, embroidery, suede, fringe bags, embellished slip-on shoes, saddle bags, the elongated tote, the statement necklace, and zodiac jewelry.


Thrift shop: In this style trend, retro inspiration shifts into a new direction, effortlessly combining classic comfort with a polished aesthetic. A vintage-hued color palette mixes with pops of kitschy color in conversational prints. The prints include kitschy bird and cat prints, as well as embroidery on sheers.

thrift shop

Avant Pop: The third trend is the most bright and colourful. It evokes a happy mood and creative energy with a strong art influence. It combines animated hues with abstract art, bold prints and daring fabric manipulation. It is an expressive theme that fuses eye-popping visuals with Surrealist imagery.

Exaggerated colors and bold graphic placements are hallmarks of the trend. Bold new color combinations add life to Avant Pop. Important colors include: kelly green, royal, bright yellow, and tangerine.

Avant pop

Streamline: The trend defines a minimalist approach to design, where sophisticated, simple silhouettes create an ultra-modern appeal underscored with a relaxed, athletic attitude. Parachute nylon, mesh, and foamy textures appear in soft, muted tones, and are accentuated by transparent layers, contrast trims, and industrial zippers. Cotton shirting and organza add further interest, while subtle styling creates a refined interpretation of this slick aesthetic.

Prints are minimal, and they include: muted animal patterns and muted stripes, and active blocking.
Accessories include: piping, bungee cords, simple slip-on sandals, clean nylon sneakers, and statement neckbands.


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