Trend Forecast for Spring Summer 2016

The spring of 2016 appears a far affair for fashion enthusiasts but designers at prominent fashion houses have come up with exciting trends for the season.. The season fells bright and spunky with beautiful bright pastels ruling the color palette.

Spring/Summer 2016 takes us into another dimension of color, one with many color
contradictions and no hard and fast color rules. Hues are fresh and lively, displaying
a feeling of lightness and simplicity. Soft harmonies work in color families and can
be graduated in steps and, at the same time, we also see some striking contrasts. In
this season, as color enters into this new dimension, we not only see color,
we experience and feel color..

Scroll down and have a look at the color and style trends for the season:

Color Trends:

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The palette is anchored by lush, tropical tones and a literal accent of highlighter yellow. The geometrical shapes display a perfect balance of tonal combinations.



A little bit of dainty elegance, a dash of glamorous appeal, a drop of playful charm . Experience the summer’s splendor with the sweet smell of rose gardens, with the delicate taste of fruity gelato and the gentle piano sounds. The palette is colourful with green, pinks and turquoise..The dream-like vibrancy of color in the warm summer days makes the palette happy and ecstatic.


Tangerine Dream
A galaxy of bright visions and enticing dreams. The palette consists of blue shades of ethereal fantasy and delightful imagination on a canvas of sateen and silken textures. Powder blue and orange tones form an important part of the palette..

Tangerine dream

Enchanted Forest
Green apple and pistachio shades bring life to the color palette. Fresh pistachio mint hue is infused with a pastel brightness that enlivens the palette, refreshing woven fabrics, tweeds and jacquards. Baby blue saturations exhibit a luxurious vitality upon a backdrop of slate grey fusions.

Enchanted Forest

Bright Ideas
Sophisticated and modernistic style with a laid back appeal. Bold fuchsia and purple shades are the highlights of the palette. Translucent yellow and sea green tones create the ultimate union between contrasts of woven textures and colorful fabrications. Bright orange trim and greenish yellow hues add an underlying charm. Idealistic and optimistic.

Bright ideas

The playful 1960s !
We look to a playful 1960s vibe for intuitive use, with a grounding of newsprint, baked earth and peanut combined with selective brights and mid-tones.

Playful 1960s

Pink galaxy..
This is a light and playful ‘near-pink’ message. Fondant pink is offset by cool blue and jasmine, with intense power pink and pimento highlights.

Pink galaxy

Cosmic Lavender
Powdery lavender is upgraded with a mirrored finish, lending apparel a chemical, subtly futuristic feel.

cosmic lavender


Color with Papaya!
One of the trend colours for women’s and men’s wear for the Spring & Summer 2016 season will be ‘Papaya’. This orange colour is rich and exotic and is a mid-tone colour from the orange range. It replaces last season’s Tangerine Peach.

Papaya Fashion


The colour ‘Papaya’ can be combined perfectly with white and black. For women’s
wear there are skirts and dresses, which are perfect for the spring & summer
season. For men we see more sporty garments such as leather jackets in this
colour. These jackets are also combined with black and white.

Style trends
Papaya fashion!
As already discussed one of the key colors for Spring of 2016 is Papaya. Accessories are designed in the colour ‘Papaya. Think of sunglasses, handbags and sport shoes !!

Papaya colors

Acessories- Luminuous mint
A wide range of accessories would be available in the color luminous hue; viz, skinny strap heels, slouchy leather Burberry clutches blossoming with 3D floral applique. Additionally, the shade makes for a youthful beauty look, as seen with matte nails.

Acessories- l uminous Mint

Acessories- Cosmic lavender
Cosmic Lavender’s polished tone proves versatile when applied to sophisticated accessories. Ultra fine frames, glossy clutches, shiny stacked bangles, all look extremely gorgeous in the color !!

Acessories -Cosmic lavender

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