Trend Forecast for Spring Summer 2019

Fashion trends are all about being one step ahead, so it’s never too early to think about what will be in style next ! Trends these days, bubble up and vanish so fast it can be hard to keep track and harder to still say what made a mark.
Leading fashion houses have predicted the color and style trends for the Spring of 2019. The season is going to be a mix of pastels and bright shades. In trends, you can see a hint of traditional techniques as well as futuristic metal. Here is a holistic view of the upcoming season’s fashion and trend forecast by various fashion houses..

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Color Trends for the season..

Sympatico-Living coral…
Paying homage to skin tones around the world and the shades we use to enhance our complexions, Sympatico is comprised of a beautiful array of coral colors signifying international skin tones. The palette uses those soft and warm colors we layer on to create that healthy glow.


Princess Blue…

This palette is dominated by the vibrant blue. Bursts of red, orange and yellow add a bit of warmth to the icy palette. Pink is also a key color of this palette that complements the starkness of the blue beautifully.


Common Grounds…
This season, find peace and softness among an array of neutrals. This palette oozes a feeling of warmth with the blush copper and rich browns; while soft lavender and blush pink soothe the eyes. Silver & velvety white add more poise & harmony.



Crocus Petal…

As the name indicates, this palette is dominated by lavender, with a mix of blues, purples and oyster shell pinks. A touch of gold can add warmth to this soothing palette.


Accessorize yourself with the latest style trends this season!! Check out the in trends below..

Shine on me…
This season, all that glitters is in. There is an influx of cloth with shiny textures. Sequins, metallic and iridescent hues are everywhere. Bling is in..


Tie & Dye
Tie & Dye effect is very much in trend this season. Different fabric dyeing techniques can be used to achieve modern effects. Even similar prints & motifs are in. Both bright & pastel tones can be used to achieve interesting effects..


Fringes and Tassels..
Fringes are very popular this season, especially on dramatic dresses and matching accessories . various embellishment styles can be adopted using fringe and tassels.



References and additional Resources..

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