Trend Forecast for Spring Summer 2020

Color trends are always changing. In fashion world, color trends reflect what consumers think and how society at large wants to look at a particular moment.

Colors for Spring/Summer 2020 display depth and complexity. Each palette seems to live in a sea of its own, not necessarily related to the world around it. There is a new trend in the picture.. pastels used as neutrals!

Scroll down and have a look at the season’s latest color and style trends..

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Color Trends for the season..
Neo Mint…

Neo Mint is an oxygenating, fresh tone that harmonizes science and technology with nature. It is a gender
neutral palette that has a cool, futuristic -tech feel but also connects with plant life and nature.



Cassis fuses the pinks and purples that have made such a huge impact over recent seasons, capturing both the gender-neutral appeal of pink, and the modern appeal of purple.


Purist Blue…
Muted shades of blue will be everywhere in Spring/Summer 2020, according to the trend forecasters, with red coming as an accent to all these pastels. Darker, deeper shades of blue, reminiscent of the sea at night are also likely to rise. References to water will come in the form of ruffles, fluid fabrics and nautical prints as well.



This is the more subdued version of the youthful oranges that have been popular recently, with a feel-good quality that is perfect for high summer. Cantaloupe also plays into the continuing appeal of typically feminine colors that can cross over into other categories.



Style Trends for the season..

Mineral look…
Raw stones are both natural and glamorous, making them the art pieces for the room. From jewelry to home décor, these rocks add sparkle and style to everything.



Swirly Moves
Marbly, natural looks and exquisite pattern formations provide visual interest to our homes. So it’s no surprise that it continues to be a popular choice. It brings elegance to every single small detail, and that make this current trend so very special. Marble is beautiful in its natural form, but also inspires fabrics, you can go big and use it as draperies or duvet covers, or punch up a sofa or chairs with pillows in the pattern.



Links & ropes
One of the trends this season is chains and links of all shapes and sizes. The styles include bold, statement earrings and irregularly-shaped necklace options. Ropes can be used for a sober taste.


Straight lines
The classic stripes fashion trend manages to seamlessly transition itself from season to season.
Sometimes one needs to make a simple style statement, and we say, there’s no better statement than stripes!



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