Trend Forecast for Spring Summer 2018

Fashion Forecast for the Spring/Summer of 2018 is out.. Prominent design houses have come up with exciting and vibrant shades of colors for the season !! Color palettes for spring/summer 2018 encourage adventure and exploration of the new. From tonal statements to color stories of contrasting shades, this diverse and all-embracing palette creates a new level of euphoria and energy for the spring /summer 2018 season.

Scroll down to get immersed in the color and style trend forecast from various fashion houses!!

Color Trends:

Tranquil teal…
Teal can play a calming role in the home. Teals & Aqua can soothe and relax anyone… Let the tranquillity travel through the rest of the house- teals look fresh in a neutral living room and keep the inhabitants feeling cool, calm & collected.

TFSS 181











Sunshine & Ponds..
Overall bright & summery, the core palette for the season is a harmonious mix of reassuring brights and traditional neutrals. Black features as an accent, counterbalanced with intense summer sky blue and sunshine yellow. New takes on indigo blue also appeal and become an integral part of the season.


 Emerald Earth…
The pallete is mainly a display of emeralds…Muddy greens, with highlights of mountainous browns, twinkling yellows, , glittering silvers & baby blues! Overall an earthy look with tranquility & serenity!



Blue Lava….
A natural based palette that gives depth to the colors. There is a true relaxed mood to this palette and a strong unisex appeal. Highlights of purple, cactus green & sunset orange…all in deeper tones.












Style Trends:          

Simple & geometric cultures:
The Spring/Summer 2018 season leads us into an essential kind of aesthetics emphasized by simple forms, graphic lines, geometric patterns and artistic collages.                                                                                                                    














Florals & Forests:
SS18 materials get closer to nature with a concept that embraces tangled organic textures, earthy undergrowth qualities and foliage green tones.

• Organic shades are refreshed with faded mint or summer forest tones.
• Sheer embroideries take inspiration from forest foliage.
• Densely tangled lace formations mix heavy and delicate feels.

























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