Trend Forecast For Fall Winter 2020-21

The colors of Autumn Winter 2020-2021 are based on the concept of “nesting”. The depth in the colors indicates deep humane desire for a place of safety and comfort. Rich saturated shades, combined with natural textures, reflection and shine, get enhanced in the way colors are seen and executed. Aesthetic and cultural designs create a fantasy world with nostalgia. Sustained development is an inseparable companion for color.

Prominent fashion houses have come out with the predictions of colors and trends for the season. Scroll down and have a look at the interpretation of season’s latest color and style trends..

For references and additional resources of Fashion Houses and trend forecasters, who have inspired our research, please refer to the section at the bottom of page..

Color Trends for the season:

Teal Tales..

Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. It is a revitalizing and rejuvenating color, perfect to fill everyone with new energy during winters!      

Cassis Oasis..  

Cassis Oasis fuses the pinks and purples that have made such a huge impact over recent seasons. It has the stimulation of red and the calm of blue, with a sense of mystic and royal qualities.



Maroon is often linked to something one is passionate about. It is related to confidence, beauty, warmth and excitement. A perfect color to go for a passionate individual!                                                          

Boisterous Brights.. 

This story is inspired by bright colors found in party atmosphere as well as in nature. Mixing these two environments creates an exciting bright palette perfect for a winter season, because even winters deserve brights! Bold colors give a modern and futuristic vibe. This is the only palette of the season which depicts freedom and dares to escape the otherwise “nesting” inspired palettes.

Style Trends for the season..

Go Floral...
Nature, night forests and jungles, slightly strange combinations of colors and dark expressions lead to a new and silent world of flowers this season.

A Game of Waves...
Marble, natural looks and exquisite pattern formations provide visual interest to our homes.

Essential Geometry...
Geometric pattern can be found everywhere from architecture to nature and is an effective expression for winters.

Ruffles and Bows...
Ruffles and bows creating a dramatic, highly impactful and unique look this season, adding to the nostalgic theme.


References and Additional resources..